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Card & ID Solutions by industry

ScreenCheck offers card management solutions that allow for a cost efficient production of ID badges for employees, visitors, students or volunteers. With our online application CardsOnline you can design your own card and print on a local printer directly from the Cloud. Our trusted desktop card design software BadgeMaker, offers a low cost card production solution for smaller organisations in need of an ID card, access badge, invites, giftcards or food signs for example.

Student ID solution


Times are changing, creating a safe and secure teach and learn environment has become a necessity for the education industry. ScreenCheck offers solutions for K-12, colleges and universities small or large. The CardsOnline solution allows multiple users to have access to an online platform for professional card design, fast enrollment, printing services and manages cards at an unlimited number of locations using a single online system. Advanced password access ensures protection of both users and data in the entire system.

K-12 ID badgeAdd the CardsOnline Service Portal to your solution so students and teachers have access to their own card information anytime anywhere using a mobile device. Card holders login with credentials and manage their data and card. Block a card when it is lost, request a new card or upload a new passport photo.

The CardsOnline card management system allows for intergration of your facility systems, such as cashless vending, library and other access controlled areas.

Corporate card solution


cashless payments

Find solutions for the corporate industry setup to help create your employee badges. Next to an employee badge as a photo ID, it is possible to create a multifunctional smart card to be used for one card solutions. Enrich a card by adding data, using a barcode, MAGstripe or a Mifare/Desfire NFC chip for example.

Corporate ID cardProduce, manage and encode smart cards to use for identification, payments, attendance management, access control, visitor badges and business cards.

Healthcare ID solution

Healthcare & Care

Create a Healthcare or Care ID, a clear and valid employee badge that can be used by care providers, visitors and contractors to identify and if needed get access on location.

NHS ID badge

Security and identification for the healthcare industry is a must, doctors, nurses and emergency medical staff can use their badge for a clear identification, acces control and cashless payments at the food court for example. CardsOnline solutions allow for secure connections with facility systems of healthcare organisations.

Prevent unwanted, sometimes dangerous situations, like a person impersonating a professional care taker and gaining unauthorized access to clients housing.

Care ID

With the CardsOnline Care ID solution, Care staff have secure access to their card information anywhere and everywhere using smartphone, tablet or PC. The care employees can manage their own information, block their card when it gets lost, request a new card or upload a photo or diploma.

public sector ID solution

Public Sector

The public sector, like the government, military and first responders, require an high level of security and have strict rules for identification and access to specific locations or buildings.

ScreenCheck card management solution with Access Control Solutions for this sector often need to connect to multiple systems that have advanced security protocols incorporated. Having collaborated with trusted partners and implemented different types of solutions for the public sector, ScreenCheck has the experience, the people and the tools to put together a secure card management solution.

Maintain a high level of security, with a Mifare DESfire ID card for your employees. Our CardsOnline solution meets the requirements to fully integrate with employee systems and client applications on multiple locations for access control, payment and lockers.

Use the CardsOnline card management solution to create a connection with various applications on the DESFire card and encode all specific data for these applications during the in-line print process. After printing and encoding all systems are informed about the existence of the new card with its encoded identifiers that are linked to the cardholder.

For the design of an ID badge in the public sector, biometrics, UV-layers and specialty layers for specific holograms can be used to create a card as secure as possible.

Hospitality card solution

Leisure & Hospitality

The leisure & hospitality industry is the segment of business focused on recreation, entertainment, sports products and services that include lodging, food and drink service, event planning, theme parks, travel and tourism. ScreenCheck is used to solving different types of difficulties within a card management solution, when our customers are faced with certain obstacles or just looking for the best options available for their guests.

RFID BraceletGaining access to a recreational area or event for example can be done with a smart card, but also with a silicone RFID wristband, which can also be used to pay on location. The cards or wristbands can be used by day guests and season ticket holders as well as the staff. For the production and management of the RFID wristbands, choose CardsOnline as a SaaS (Software as a Service) card management solution.

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Leisure card solution

Gyms & Health centers

Choose BadgeMaker for a smaller event and lower cost solution, but also with the very best presentation of membership cards and identification of your employees and members. Perfect for smaller gyms, health centers, or clubs.

Gym membership badge

Preprint your membership cards with your own logo and layout to give identity to your organization. Design the cards according your own style. The cards have enough space to display the necessary information. Display the personal details, a passport photo, signature and bar-code on the card so that members can be clearly identified.


Transport card solution


The transport industry connects products to people, people to people and people to places. Companies such as airlines, trucking, railroads, shipping, and logistics firms can find a solution with Screencheck for the production and management of for example specific drivers ID badges.Tram Driver ID

Securely login to CardsOnline as a SaaS-solution from anywhere and add card holders data manually or import automatically. The production of the ID cards is efficient with CardsOnline card print manager and the proven retransfer technology of for example the SC7000 kaartprinter and laminator creates professionally printed cards at a high pace.

Retail card solution


Gift Cards

A great way to stay in touch and reward customers in the retail industry is to implement a customer loyalty solution, offering discount with a customer card and giftcards for example.

With BadgeMaker, ScreenCheck offers a low cost solution, that enables you to design your own customer loyalty cards, gift cards and price tags. Premium card design templates are available to quickly get started. Easily setup your own BadgeMaker project, manually enter your card holders or import your customer data using an Excel file or connect to the customer database you already have. Link the needed card designs to the card holders and print their customer loyalty card.