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One Card
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Your one card solution

In response to the growing need for efficient and affordable management of ID cards and all card related activities, ScreenCheck offers CardsOnline, a card management system that measures up to the increasing demand to issue and manage multifunctional smart cards in an easy, controlled and cost efficient way.


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CardsOnline-Card-Designer NL
CardsOnline Card Designer
Card Design
Create professional card designs with CardsOnline.

Create your own card design in CardsOnline with our intuitive Card Designer, that offers all the functionality you need for a professional card layout.

CardsOnline - Gegevensbeheer
CardsOnline Data Manager
Data Manager
A complete overview of all your imported card holders data ready to manage.

CardsOnline helps you achieve efficiency by improving access for remote users while streamlining the data management. Card holders data can also be added and edited manually.

CardsOnline - Foto maken
CardsOnline Photo Capture
Photo Capture
A great capture tool with face recognition and auto-cropping.

CardsOnline offers photo capture through webcam and file upload, both with auto-capture and auto-cropping functionality.

CardsOnline - Bulk verwerking
CardsOnline Photo batch upload
Batch Processing
An add-on available on mobile devices as a service for your card holders.

CardsOnline offers batch processing allowing you to upload multiple photo’s, edit multiple records, print multiple records or send a selection of cardholders an email for example.

CardsOnline - Bulk verwerking - copy
CardsOnline Service Portal
CardsOnline Service Portal
An add-on available on mobile devices as a service for your card holders.

The Service Portal connects securly to CardsOnline, allowing card holders to interact with their data, send and receive requests regarding their cards, upload a photo and report a lost card.

CardsOnline - Card Print Manager
CardsOnline Card Print Manager
Card Print Manager
Print and encode cards in CardsOnline with the Card Print Manager.

The Card Print Manager is the interface between the local printer and CardsOnline. The add-on will be installed on the local workstations used for printing.

CardsOnline - Digital ID
CardsOnline Digital ID Designer
Digital ID
Mobile Identification made easy

Creating and sending a Digital ID is very easy. One can send a copy of the existing card layout or create a custom Digital ID design in the CardsOnline Designer.

CardsOnline-Card-Designer NL
CardsOnline - Gegevensbeheer
CardsOnline - Foto maken
CardsOnline - Bulk verwerking
CardsOnline - Bulk verwerking - copy
CardsOnline - Card Print Manager
CardsOnline - Digital ID
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Premium Services

CardsOnline Digital IDDigital ID

Mobile identification made easy

CardsOnline introduces Digital ID, making it possible to send a digital card to cardholders. In addition to or instead of the plastic card, a digital pass can be issued in PDF, Wallet pass or Active ID format.


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Online: authorized remote users


Enables authorized remote users to access the information and resources they need to manage the ID card production.

Save data into the cloud

CardsOnline Cloud

Next to the option to install the software on a local network, we also offer a cloud solution. Easy access through a web browser and only requires internet connection.

Create professional card layouts


Create your own card design with the intuitive Card Designer, that offers all the functionality you need.

Capture photo’s and add data


Supports photo capture through a webcam, file upload, or IntelliTWAIN capture software that has auto-capture and auto-cropping functionality.

Manage roles, cards and data

CardsOnlineCardsOnline has three default administrator roles and an operator role. More roles can be defined and added. Manage the issued cards and the card data.


Smart device compatible

CardsOnline MobileWorks with desktop computers as well as smartphone devices and tablets. This portability allows you to do your card production any time, anywhere you want.


Windows or Linux operating system
Single-core processor,
2 GHz or better
2GB RAM memory
1GB available hard drive space
Modern internet browsers
(IE10, Firefox or Chrome)

Recommended requirements

64bit Windows or
Linux operating system
Quad-core processor,
2.0 GHz or better
4GB RAM memory
20GB available hard drive space
Modern internet browsers
(Edge, Firefox or Chrome)


MySQL or Microsoft SQL Server
Apache or IIS Server
Full administrative rights


By clever design able to connect with all database engines.


English, Spanish, French, German,
Swedish and Dutch