Care ID

Care ID

Care for accurate identity

Because of big changes in health care system and an increasing demand for care, the need for home care is getting higher each year. With this high need the request for identification of employees at the home of clients and creating a save environment has become a requirement. Care ID creates a clear and valid employee badge that can be used by home care providers to identify and if needed get access on location.

CardsOnline Care ID

Ideal for home care

CardsOnline Care ID is the online solution that allows cost efficient production of ID cards for all employees. With this online application you can design your own card and print on a local printer directly from the Cloud.

Care staff have secure access to their card information anywhere and everywhere using smartphone, tablet or PC. The care employees can manage their own information. They can block their card when the id card gets lost, request a new card or upload a photo or diploma, it is all possible.



bulletpointEverything save in the Cloud
bulletpointEfficient for small and large organisations
bulletpointIntegrate with your HR-system

Zorg ID Pakket

Care ID Package

CardsOnline Software & Card Printer with supplies.

Use of CardsOnline Care ID in the Cloud based on a fixed and low monthly fee. Included is a full-colour Card Printer, printer installation and Care ID instructions on location. Maintenance en updates are included.

Zorg ID Pakket

Card Design

Create professional card designs with CardsOnline.

Create your own card design in CardsOnline with our intuitive Card Designer, that offers all the functionality you need for a professional card layout.

Photo Capture

A great capture tool with face recognition and auto-cropping.

CardsOnline supports photo capture through a webcam, a file upload, or IntelliTWAIN capture software that has auto-capture and auto-cropping functionality.

Data Manager

A complete overview of all your imported card holders data ready to manage.

CardsOnline helps you achieve efficiency by improving access for remote users while streamlining the data management. Card holders data can also be added and edited manually.

CardsOnline Service Portal

Available on mobile devices as a service for your care staff.

The Service Portal connects securly to CardsOnline Care ID, allowing card holders to interact with their data, send and receive requests regarding their cards, upload a photo and report a lost card.


Therefore Care ID!

Request for identification has become mandatory.

With the CardsOnline Care ID application by ScreenCheck you can avoid unpleasant or unsafe situations, such as fake posing as a home care worker or unauthorized access to a house of a client.


CardsOnline online

Online: authorized remote users

CardsOnline enables authorized remote users to access the information and resources they need to manage the ID card production.

CardsOnline create

Create professional card layouts

With CardsOnline you can create your own card design with our intuitive Card Designer, that offers all the functionality you need.


Manage roles, cards and data

CardsOnline has three default administrator roles and an operator role. More roles can be defined and added. CardsOnline makes it possible to manage the issued cards and manage the card data.

CardsOnline Cloud

Save data into the cloud

Next to the option to install CardsOnline on a local network, we also offer the cloud solution. Easy access through a web browser and only requires internet connection.

CardsOnline Capture

Capture photo’s and add data

CardsOnline supports photo capture through a webcam, file upload, or IntelliTWAIN capture software that has auto-capture and auto-cropping functionality.

CardsOnline Mobile

Smart device compatible

CardsOnline can be used from desktop computers as well as smartphone devices and tablets. This portability allows you to work with CardsOnline any time, anywhere you want.


Signals from the media

Therefore Care ID!
Inbraak bij vrouw (88) gebruikmakend van sleutel verpleging.

“Mevrouw ontdekte pas een dag later dat ze bestolen was.”

Een gewaarschuwd mens telt voor twee!

“Wij willen u als thuiszorgklant op het hart drukken dat zorgpersoneel zich te allen tijde kan legitimeren.”

Zwarte lijst ingesteld voor stelende zorgmedewerkers.

Waarschuwingsregister moet voorkomen dat wegens diefstal ontslagen personeel zonder probleem elders weer aan de slag kan.

Vijf verdachten babbeltrucs aangehouden.

Twee vrouwen die zich voordeden als zorgmedewerkers.

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