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CardsOnline for quick, efficient mobile enrollment

Preparing for all your students going back to school? Looking to speed up the enrollment process and have a great photo capture tool for your administrators and students to use? CardsOnline offers a quick, efficient mobile enrollment solution and can also design, produce and manage cards. Advanced password access ensures protection of both users and data in the entire system.

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CardsOnline School ID

Secure, efficient and easy

CardsOnline is the online solution for cost efficient ID card production and management for all students and teachers. Design and print with your own local card printers directly from the Cloud.

Students and teachers have access to their own card information anytime anywhere using a smartphone, tablet or PC. Card holders login with credentials and manage their data and card. For example blocking their card when it is lost, requesting a new card or uploading a new passport photo.



bulletpointA great capture tool with face recognition and auto-cropping.
bulletpointQuick and efficient mobile Enrollment
bulletpointIntegrate with your student administration

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Online: authorized remote users

CardsOnline enables authorized remote users to access the information and resources they need to manage the ID card production.

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Create professional card layouts

With CardsOnline you can create your own card design with our intuitive Card Designer, that offers all the functionality you need.
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Manage roles, cards and data

CardsOnline has three default administrator roles and an operator role. More roles can be defined and added. CardsOnline makes it possible to manage the issued cards and manage the card data.


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Save data into the cloud

Next to the option to install CardsOnline on a local network, we also offer the cloud solution. Easy access through a web browser and only requires internet connection.[/column] [column position=”first” size=”1/8″]CardsOnline Capture[/column][column position=”last” size=”4/5″]

Capture photo’s and add data

CardsOnline supports photo capture through a webcam, file upload, or IntelliTWAIN capture software that has auto-capture and auto-cropping functionality.

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Smart device compatible

CardsOnline can be used from desktop computers as well as smartphone devices and tablets. This portability allows you to work with CardsOnline any time, anywhere you want.