Share Summer Special

BadgeMaker Share Summer Special

This month BadgeMaker Share Summer Special with a chance to win a free Add-On!

Happy to introduce the new BadgeMaker Share Add-On at the beginning of this year. To put the new Share Add-On into the sunlight we offer a Share Summer Special this month. Follow us to be up to date with our special. Get the chance to win and see our other offers.

To kick-off this summer month we will put out special “Share for a Share” messages, when you share the message you get the chance to win a free Badgemaker Share Add-On.

The Share Add-On permits users to share BadgeMaker projects on multiple workstations and work simultaneously at different locations on the same project. Users authenticate with a username and password creating a secure work environment with the Share Add-On. Each user account has specific user access rights.

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Work together on the same project at the same time!

BadgeMaker Share Overview