Kaartbeheersysteem card management system AZ Diest

Card management system CardsOnline for AZ Diest

The AZ Diest is a regional hospital with 214 accredited beds, divided between Campus Statiestraat and Campus Hasseltsestraat, located on the border of the provinces of Flemish Brabant, Limburg and Antwerp. The hospital employs more than 500 people and there are more than 120 doctors at AZ Diest. An enthusiastic and driven team, which contribute to high-quality, safe care in a patient-friendly manner.

CardsOnline is a central card management system in the cloud that is functional at two locations at AZ Diest. The two locations each use their own source system, SD Worx and Sharepont and link to CardsOnline. Next to the source systems, three facility systems link to CardsOnline, namely VSK (access control), Olympus and Kyocera (printing system).

AZ Diest use CardsOnline as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for card management and production of their badge. The identification badge is multifunctional and works for access control, printing and payment, for example. The badge type they use is the DESFire 4k, AZ Diest prints these badges with the ScreenCheck SC7000 card printer.

There are 2500 active cardholders, card management is done through an administrator in CardsOnline, but cardholders can also manage their card via the CardsOnline Service Portal. Cardholders can log in to the CardsOnline Service Portal via a mobile or laptop and view their personal details and, if necessary, block their own card.

The passport photos are stored at a designated location through an active link with the camera that is controlled from CardsOnline. AZ Diest uses a Microsoft Webcam as a camera.

CardsOnline offers one online system that is central to your card production and management. Link CardsOnline to multiple applications and design, produce and manage cards from multiple locations.

CardsOnline, your one card solution!