CardsOnline Service Portal

Summer 2015 brings an exciting new release of CardsOnline Service Portal

The release of CardsOnline 6.1 features the CardsOnline Service Portal, an exciting new add-on.

Today we would like to share more details on the Service Portal. The CardsOnline Service portal is designed to improve communication with your card holders, providing them with an extra service to manage their own card details.

CardsOnline makes it possible for organisations to design, produce and manage smart id cards online from any location by authorized users. The new Service Portal makes it possible for card holders to receive and send requests, upload their own photo and data, block cards and check the current balance of the payment system.

A user friendly experience optimized for smart devices.

Card holders can login on their own service portal account using a mobile phone, tablet or laptop. The clear interface and simple navigation can have the look and feel of your organisation. The CardsOnline Service Portal makes enrolment completion faster, reduces the administrative load and card holders can add data in their own time.

CardsOnline Service Portal

Interested in CardsOnline and the Service Portal? Check for more information or call +31 (0)79 360 1165 for a free demonstration.