HKU Card Management with CardsOnline

HKU works with CardsOnline for card management and production

July 2017, HKU has a new connection with CardsOnline for the production of student cards and the online card management.


HKU is one of the largest educational institutes for arts and culture in Europe and comprises eight schools with a total of almost 4000 students: Fine Arts, Design, Music and Technology, Games and Interaction, Arts and Economics, Media, Utrecht Conservatory and Theater.

CardsOnline Card Management System

After a fun and efficient collaboration between HKU and ScreenCheck during the project implementation, a local installation of CardsOnline now stands for card production and management. CardsOnline as a central card management system connects with the student administration and photo database of the HKU. An extension of the system will follow, a link with the Multifunctional Printing System, “Follow Me”. There may be additional expansion with facility applications, using HKU’s multifunctional card.

HKU works mainly with Apple machines, so the users work with CardsOnline in the Safari Browser.

The card

In addition to the installation of CardsOnline, ScreenCheck takes on the complete fulfilment of the cards. There are around 4000 student cards and 1000 student cards printed. Through a secure connection with CardsOnline, ScreenCheck prints with a Quantum Dye sub card printer, the photo, name, student number and barcode on the pre-printed card. With the fulfilment is the mailing letter and also the printing of the Student’s “Proof of Enrollment”. ScreenCheck sends the card with letter and the “Proof of Enrollment” directly to the students via PostNL.

CardsOnline, your complete card production and card management system.