De Zorggroep Venlo

Implementation Care ID at de Zorggroep Venlo

In collaboration with Media Point ScreenCheck will implement CardsOnline Care ID at de Zorggroep Venlo.

De Zorggroep is a merger of three reputable HMOs: Homecare mid-Limburg, Foundation Land of Gelre and Gulick and Zorggroep North Limburg. De Zorggroep state with an array of care services and many nursing homes ready for anyone in North and Central Limburg who needs care, from young to old.

According de Zorggroep Venlo, trust and security form an important basis for an equal relationship between people.

De Zorggroep has recently issued a tender for a card management system where an ID card can be linked to the staff system, the printing system, access system and registry.

We are proud to announce that the tender was awarded to Media Point and ScreenCheck offered with ID Card Online Care package.

With the CardsOnline Care ID package an organization can get started with producing and managing their own professional ID cards and link them to various FM systems.

Also staff have secure access to their card information anywhere and everywhere using smartphone, tablet or PC. The care employees can manage their own information. They can block their card when the id card gets lost, request a new card or upload a photo or diploma, it is all possible.