Kaart Management Systeem CardsOnline voor FC Groningen

Card Management System CardsOnline for
FC Groningen

Card Management System CardsOnline with register and payment system for FC Groningen

For the production and management of the supporters cards, FC Groningen has officially commissioned CardsOnline as a SaaS solution. ScreenCheck, in collaboration with Xafax and Nuus, will provide a complete Card Management System this summer. Xafax is responsible for the payment system and Nuus for the cashier system. CardsOnline is linked to the TRES Season Card Management System and the Xafax Payment System.

ScreenCheck is proud of the current collaboration and expects to serve FC Groningen further in the future.

CardsOnline offers one online system that is central to your card production and management. Link CardsOnline to multiple applications and design, produce and manage cards from multiple locations.

CardsOnline, your one card solution!