Zadkine Mifare DESfire cards produced via CardsOnline

Zadkine has their Mifare DESfire cards produced remotely via CardsOnline

ScreenCheck has implemented the Card Management System CardsOnline at Zadkine as a SaaS solution. CardsOnline makes it possible for Zadkine to have their Mifare DESfire cards for students and employees produced remotely and link them with Zadkine’s IDM system. At Zadkine you will find 200 MBO courses, business programs and courses for adults at various locations, from the heart of Rotterdam to Veghel.

CardsOnline makes remote card production possible

Zadkine wants to have their employee and student card offset printed and coded remotely by our partner DCP. This card must also be linked to Zadkine’s facility systems via their IDM system. To enable this production remotely, manage the Mifare DESfire cards and link them to the facility systems, ScreenCheck offers CardsOnline as an Azure SaaS solution. CardsOnline provides efficient and secure online access to the various authorized users of Zadkine and DCP for managing and producing the cards.

By means of a set up fulfillment process, DCP sends the cards with a shipping letter directly to the card holders. The shipping letters are also produced using CardsOnline.

In addition to the cards for Zadkine, VAVO rijnmond college and Techniek College Rotterdam also use the CardsOnline system for their cards, each with their own card layout.

Create links with data agents

In order to be able to use the Zadkine multifunctional smartcard at all their locations, for example with their access control system and to import card data, a link is needed with the Zadkine IDM system. ScreenCheck has created two data agents to create a link between CardsOnline and the IDM system. The correct data can be safely imported and exported via this connection.

CardsOnline Service Portal

Zadkine also uses the CardsOnline Service Portal. Employees and students can log in to the Service Portal quickly and reliably via their own SSO (Single Sign On) data. The SSO for CardsOnline and the Service Portal has been realized via SURFconext. With an account on the Service Portal, cardholders can manage their own card details and photo and, for example, block a lost card.