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Notification ScreenCheck measures Coronavirus

Dear customer/relation,

The Netherlands is also affected by the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak.

Since last Friday, March 13, new measures have been introduced by the government to limit the spread of the corona virus.
The most important remains your and our health.

Measures ScreenCheck
The activities of ScreenCheck will continue as normal. As of today our staff will work from home as much as possible.
As a software developer, ScreenCheck has all the facilities to do our work without hindrance.

Because of your and our health, conversations are preferably held online or by telephone, email or chat. For the time being, our engineers will not perform installations or maintenance on location at customers. Existing appointments are rescheduled or where possible executed online. Our colleagues needed in the office follow the hygiene rules as drawn up by RIVM.

Do you have any questions about our measures? Please let us know.
ScreenCheck is available during office hours by telephone and by email:

Tel: +31 (0) 79 360 1160

Kind regards,