RFID Wristband Ijzeren Man

RFID wristbands produced & managed with CardsOnline

IJzeren Man

IJzeren Man (IJM), a beautiful recreational lake located in a wooded area for beach recreation, team building beach outings, lounging, drinks & food and parties & gatherings on the water. IJM, an organisation in hospitality, decided on silicone RFID wristbands, that are used to pay on location and gain access to this beautiful recreational area. Day guests and subscription holders, as well as the staff wear the wristbands.

ScreenCheck has become involved in the IJzeren Man(IJM) project through our partner SimonsVoss, who supply the LSM in collaboration with Voskamp as an access control system. ScreenCheck offers CardsOnline as a SaaS solution for the production, management and encoding of the RFID wristbands.

IJzeren Man adds wristband users, manages an overview of visitors/subscribers and encodes the bands with CardsOnline. Subscription holders can register at the IJM website. The website is linked to CardsOnline, which means that subscribers are automatically added to CardsOnline data manager.

CardsOnline Service Portal

In addition, we use CardsOnline Service Portal as a service for subscribers, who can manage their own personal account. Subscription holders add a photo themselves via CardsOnline Service Portal. The photo can also be added at the cash registers on location using linked HD webcams and CardsOnline. Upon arrival, the photos from the system are used to identify the subscribers. By offering the wristband to a card reader at the cash register, the relevant subscription holder is automatically looked up in CardsOnline. As a check, the photo with personal data is shown on the screen.

RFID Wristband

RFID Wristband IJzeren ManThe type of RFID wristband is Mifare classic 1k. CardsOnline ensures that the wristbands are linked by means of an active link (data agent) with the Eijsink cash register system in cooperation with Xafax (payment system) and the access control system LSM.

The wristbands printed with the logo are available in different colors and sizes, for both adults and children. With the RFID wristbands, visitors pay at various vending machines and at the cash registers of the restaurant and kiosk. At the two cash registers, the wristbands are encoded upon issue by CardsOnline using the Card Print Manager via a desktop encoder.

A maintenance contract has been concluded to ensure that the process continues to run smoothly.

CardsOnline offers an online system that is central to your card or wristband production and management. Connect CardsOnline to your facility systems and produce and manage from multiple locations.

CardsOnline, also a solution for RFID wristbands.