photo capture tool alternative because end of live flashplayer

Alternative to the CardsOnline 6 photo capture tool in 2021

This is a notification for our CardsOnline 6 users. From 2021, updates from web browsers such as Edge, Chrome, Firefox etc. will no longer support Adobe Flash. For the current CardsOnline 6 users this means that with the new 2021 Browser releases, the function of the Card Designer and the Photo Capture Tool will no longer work: these components use the Flash plug-in of your browser. As long as browser versions prior to 2021 are in use, these problems will not arise and one can continue to use the Card Designer and the Photo Capture Tool.

When updating to new 2021 versions of the browsers, there is an alternative to including photos in CardsOnline 6. With the Windows “Camera” app, a photo can be easily taken, uploaded to CardsOnline, edited and saved if necessary. This method is clearly explained in the instruction video below:

You can also watch the video on the CardsOnline YouTube Channel.

When there is a need for an adjustment in an existing or a new card design, ScreenCheck can do that for you. For card design adjustments you can contact ScreenCheck or your CardsOnline partner. With the above solutions you can still use your CardsOnline 6 application without any problems for the coming years. CardsOnline 6 will be supported until 12/31/2022. This means End-of-Life for the CardsOnline 6 version from 01/01/2023.

CardsOnline 7

The alternative to your current application is CardsOnline 7. This new application offers the user a lot of improvements, such as a completely new developed intuitive interface, a completely new online Card Designer (HTML 5) and possibility of 2-Factor Authentication (2-FA) and Single Sign On (SSO). The new 2021 releases of well-known web browsers are no problem for CardsOnline 7.

For more details about CardsOnline 7 we have included product information. We would also like to refer you to our website