CardsOnline implementatie

CardsOnline deployment at ROC Leeuwenborgh

CardsOnline deployment at Leeuwenborgh Maastricht and Sittard this summer!

ROC Leeuwenborgh provider of many different courses at various levels and for different target groups, with locations in Maastricht and Sittard set out a tender earlier this year for an ID solution based on complete fullfilment. The tender was awarded to ScreenCheck by Leeuwenborgh. ScreenCheck offered a CardOnline implementation as an ID solution linking to several facility systems, including the ability to print and copy with their ID card.

CardsOnline offers one online system which takes a central role in your card production and -management. It is possible to connect multiple applications with CardsOnline and design, produce and manage cards from multiple locations.

This summer the CardOnline implementation will take place together with a fullfilment of over 15,000 cards. ScreenCheck is proud of being awarded this tender and looking forward to a great collaboration.

CardsOnline, your one card solution!