Kaartproductie / card production Crabbehoff

CardsOnline used for card production within the Crabbehoff

The Crabbehoff Care Group choose CardsOnline as a SaaS (Software as a Service) solution for the card production of their identification card. The id card is multifunctional, so that you can also pay with it.

Care group Crabbehoff

Healthcare group Crabbehoff offers a high-quality and coherent package of services in housing, welfare and care in Dordrecht. Approximately 680 paid employees and approximately 300 volunteers work every day on the same goal: providing the best possible care and services to residents and clients.

Import data from source systems for card data

The CardsOnline solution for the card production within the Crabbenhoff is a central system with which card holders’ data is imported and managed. All personal data and photos needed for the card, import from the source system of Nedap, ONS. This is done through an active link between ONS and CardsOnline.

Link the design and the card during card production

With CardsOnline create the desired card design which is linked to the cardholder. During the production of the card, the card is made suitable for the Quarto payment/cash register system. Cardholder data with associated card data transfers to Questor from Quarto through an active link. After production and receipt of the card, the cardholder can immediately use it with the Quarto payment/checkout system.

The card

In addition to the payment system, the card can also be linked at any time to, for example, an access control system or printing system, so that all systems work with one card. The ID solution is based on the MIFARE technology (Classic or DESfire). ScreenCheck produces the Mifare cards for Crabbenhoff including fulfillment. ScreenCheck prints the cards double-sided full-color.

Personal Service Portal

The cardholder uses his Service Portal account to view the personal details and adjust them where necessary. The cardholder can also block his card and request a new card in the Service Portal.


CardsOnline offers one online system that is central to your card production and management. Link CardsOnline to multiple applications and design, produce and manage cards from multiple locations.

CardsOnline, your one card solution!