SintLucas kaart koppelen aan facilitaire systemen via CardsOnline

Connect Mifare card to facility systems via CardsOnline SaaS solution

CardsOnline SaaS solution for SintLucas

ScreenCheck completed the installation of the card management system CardsOnline at SintLucas this spring. SintLucas, an educational organization, offers courses at VMBO, MBO and HBO level and has around 380 employees, 500 pupils and 2800 students. SintLucas has locations in Boxtel and Eindhoven.

Connect the card to the facility systems via CardsOnline

With the multiple buildings and facilities systems of SintLucas, a solution is needed that links the smart card to these systems. Production and management of the Mifare Classic card for SintLucas cardholders is also necessary. ScreenCheck offers CardsOnline as a SaaS solution for managing, producing, encoding and connecting the Mifare card.

ScreenCheck connects via CardsOnline the student and employee cards to the access control system Aeos and the locker systems Loxs and Releezme. In addition, the Magister learning platform, AFAS administration system, Portalplus registration system and the Equitrac multifunctional system are also connected.

Produce and encode Mifare cards

Two SC7000 card printers with an encoding unit are available at the SintLucas locations for encoding and double-sided printing of the Mifare Classic card. A maintenance contract has been concluded, whereby ScreenCheck maintains the card printers, to allow SintLucas to print and encode without any worries. To produce the cards, the Card Print Manager (CPM) is installed on the production stations as an interface between CardsOnline and the card printer. With the CPM, the employee manages and validates the printed and encrypted cards. CPM offers various print management options, such as automatic printing.

CardsOnline Service Portal

CardsOnline also offers the CardsOnline Service Portal as an option. This is used to improve communication with cardholders by offering an extra service. Cardholders can add their own card data, take photos via their smartphone, activate their card and block a lost card.

CardsOnline makes it possible for organizations to design, produce and manage online cards from multiple locations by authorized users.