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ID Card System NISD ready for student enrollment

NISD has their ID card system CardsOnline in place and is ready for the new school year.

Northwest Independent School District worked very hard this summer to prepare for the first day of school. NISD looks forward to kick off a new school year on Monday!

At 234 square miles, Northwest ISD is one of the largest school districts in the DFW area and spans three counties (Tarrant, Denton, and Wise) and 14 municipalities. NISD operates 17 elementary schools, five middle schools, three comprehensive high schools and one accelerated high school.

A start of the new year means enrolling a lot of students in a short period of time. With the addition of an estimated 1,200 students during summer months and continued growth, total student enrollment now exceeds 21,000.

Our partner Precision Business Machines, helped Northwest ISD get ready for the start of the new year, providing the materials, card printers and implementing our CardsOnline ID Card System.

The online ID Card System CardsOnline offers a quick, efficient mobile enrollment solution and can also design, produce and manage cards. Advanced password access ensures protection of both users and data in the entire system.
ID Card System CardsOnline