ScreenCheck levert bulkproductie studentenkaart student card

ScreenCheck supplies bulk production of student card and card management system to ROC Ter AA

Bulk production of employee and student card for ROC Ter AA

Starting this year ScreenCheck takes care of the bulk production of the employee and student card for ROC Ter AA. In addition to the bulk production, the card management system CardsOnline is rolled out for all locations in Helmond.

ROC Ter AA  in Helmond has more than 3000 students and 400 employees, spread over nine lectures and four support services. ROC Ter AA realizes secondary vocational education in well-organized vocational colleges. They offer their students and employees a recognizable, well-organized and safe environment in which they can perform optimally.

Next to the bulk production delivered, ROC Ter AA also prints and codes Desfire cards with their own ScreenCheck SC4500 Kaartprinters. These Desfire cards are preprinted and are personalized with cardholder data and a photo.


For the production and management of the cards, ROC Ter AA uses CardsOnline as a SaaS solution (Software as a Service). EduArte, the source system of ROC Ter AA, provides CardsOnline with the necessary information through a data agent connection. The facility systems Uniflow (multifunctional) and Nokilock for the lockers are also linked to CardsOnline. In the context of security, there is also a scanner, which together with the search function of CardsOnline finds a student or employee quickly in the system.

CardsOnline Service Portal

CardsOnline also offers the CardsOnline Service Portal as an option. This is used to improve communication with cardholders by offering an extra service. Cardholders can add their own card data, take photos via their smartphone, activate their card and block a lost card.

Currently the photos of the ROC Ter AA students are still being recorded on location, but in a second phase of the project the CardsOnline Service Portal will also be used.

CardsOnline makes it possible for organizations to design, produce and manage online cards from multiple locations by authorized users.