lanyardsVarious Lanyards
ScreenCheck offers various types and thicknesses of lanyards in a wide range of colors.
These lanyards can be equipped with different attachments such a lobster claw, swivel hook, etc.




Custom Lanyard
Made of comfortable to wear 3/8″ heavy duty polyester webbing, the compact size LY-403HD safety badge holder neck lanyards are great for carrying your badges. Good for school, hospital, factory, or any place with extra safety required. Even single break away safety ID lanyards, you can have a choice of put your break away on left hand side, or right hand side, or in the back of your neck. You can have the choice 2 or 3 safety breakaway. Custom imprinted or without custom imprinted model available. Any safety badge holder lanyards with custom colors, sizes or hardware attachments are welcome !

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